Charity Golf Day

Charity Golf Day

Charity Golf Day is a great way to connect with your golf club's patrons and raise money for the charity of your choice while simultaneously raising funds to support the Southern Texas PGA Foundation. Participating in the Charity Golf Day is easy with many ways to join. Find a format that works best for you!

Get Your Staff Involved!

Anyone on your staff is eligible to play. Use this opportunity as a team-building effort and enhance your staff's working relationship. Split a 100-hole marathon up between everyone and enjoy a day of golf among your colleagues!

Get Your Junior Golfers Involved!

Build a team of junior golfers to satisfy a 100-hole marathon. Junior golfers play 9-holes. This is a perfect time for juniors to expand their golfing experience and get excited about golfing for a cause. You can even enlist their help for fundraising!

Get Your Junior Golfers and Parents Involved!

Host a Parent-Junior Play Day where a flat donation satisfies the entry fee. Take advantage of the opportunity to better connect with your juniors and their parents.

Play the 100-hole marathon on your own!

Select a day that works best for you and get to swinging!

Any Idea is Possible!

Over the years, STPGA Professionals have played 18-hole matches against other facilities as a part of Charity Golf Day efforts. Members of both Clubs were invited to watch and everyone enjoyed a reception after play.

As another option, STPGA Professionals played a 100-hole marathon but instead of asking patrons to make a flat donation, they asked for them to make birdie pledges. For example, the patron made a $20 pledge for each birdie made over the 100-hole marathon. 

Did you know you can even host a volleyball tournament? Edwin Fu did just that in 2017! Edwin hosted a 10-team Co-Ed Volleyball Tournament last year and raised over $1,000. 

Play Golf and Make a Difference!

The more people you get involved, the more chances you have to get fundraising help and reach your goals. After you've selected your method of participation, reach out to Kailee Neumann at the Section Office who will then set up your website link complete with the photo of your choice. The link is yours to promote as you see fit!

The Southern Texas PGA Foundation couldn't provide the scholarships and programs that it does without your help. Please consider participating in this year's Charity Golf Day. 

Over 20 Southern Texas PGA Professionals participated in 2018's fundraiser and playing marathon, raising $21,746 for the STPGA Foundation and 10 local charities. In its nine years, Charity Golf Day's fundraising effort has generated over $790,000.