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Member Spotlight: Chris de Keratry, PGA

September 4th, 2019

Author: Adam Rohrbough
Chris de Keratry has taken a unique path to his position as PGA Director of Golf at Cimarron Hills Golf & Country Club in Georgetown, Texas.
De Keratry’s path intertwined with golf at the age of 14. A friend invited Chris to his house one day to hit golf balls from the backyard down to the creek.  It was from this experience that De Keratry credits his original fascination for the game of golf. “I started hitting balls and caught one. Caught one and that’s all it took. I was like ‘oh my gosh this is fantastic’. I don’t remember putting down the club after that”, de Keratry says.
De Keratry’s career in golf began in College Station, TX at the Texas A&M Campus Course as a course marshal a few times a week during college. Memories of playing with the Campus Course staff and Texas A&M Golf Team are ones de Keratry is fond of. Ever since that day in the backyard with his friend, de Keratry says, “I had no doubt I’d have some sort of career in the golf industry”.
Tim Cusick and Marius Filmater are two men that De Keratry cited as being great mentors to him throughout his career in golf. Marius Filmater is a world-class putting instructor who has taught PGA Tour players including Tiger Woods and continues to teach clinics annually with De Keratry at Cimarron Hills. Tim Cusick is the PGA Director of Instruction at Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas and a Golf Digest top 100 teacher.
When asked what some of his favorite moments have been throughout his career, de Keratry doesn’t hesitate with his answer. His favorite moments have been seeing the junior golfers he has taught earn scholarships to play golf at the collegiate level. Or even watch them play professionally. “To see them put in the hard work and have it pay-off is special”, de Keratry says.
Now, as de Keratry serves as the PGA Director of Golf at Cimarron Hills, he knows that he must take on many different roles. He must teach, play with members, look after the shape of the course, eat dinner at the club with members, look for different ways to bring people out to the club, and more. According to de Keratry, “we are always looking for a new or different way to try things around here”.
This mindset brought about the 2018 STPGA Foundation Pro-Am at Cimarron Hills. This event began because of de Keratry’s motivation to try new things at Cimarron Hills and it turned out to be a success.
De Keratry’s mindset of trying new things and being different is also why he has set himself apart in the golf business. It’s why he has reached the position he’s in now.

Looking forward, de Keratry plans to continue to work with juniors and help them build their game. He loves to work with all skill levels and anyone that wants help.
Follow Chris de Keratry on Twitter @dkggolf.
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