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Q&A with 2018 Texas Joe Black Cup Matches Captain Bryan Minnick

November 12th, 2018

Q: What was your initial reaction when you found out you’d be captaining this year’s Joe Black Cup team?
A: Truly honored and humbled, which I still feel today. This is such a prestigious event for the Members of our Section, so to represent and lead the STPGA in the matches, it is very humbling and an honor I will treasure for my whole career.
Q: What’s your favorite memory from the 2011 Texas Joe Black Cup Matches you competed in?
A: The comradery that you build with your teammates and how those memories have made lasting friendships. Of course, the memory of the STPGA winning and that I had a 3-0 record stand out also.
Q: Do you have a strategy in mind when it comes to pairing your players for the foursomes and four-ball matches?
A: We have good mix of players that are very versatile when it comes to the differing formats. Everyone has let me know who they would like to play with so it should hopefully be just a matter of matching the guys up and letting them go play.
Q: How does Dallas National suit your players and their style of games?
A: Our team has very little experience at Dallas National, so the practice round will be vital to seeing how our team’s game fits the course and where the advantages are. I’ve heard Dallas National is an exceptional course that will be a great host for the event.
Q: This is a key edition of the Matches since it’s now 18-18-1 between the Southern and Northern Texas PGA. Would it be extra special to win this year and push the STPGA into the overall lead?
A: Not only would it be special to give the STPGA the overall lead, but to win the Matches as the visiting team would give it even more importance.
Q: Have you talked to any other Texas Joe Black Cup Captains, or the Captains of any team event to garner advice from them?
A: Absolutely, we have some great past Captains and they have all been very helpful when I have sought them out. Actually, having past Captain Marc DeWall on the team and past Captain Jeff Strong as a Vice Captain will be a tremendous help during the Matches. Their insight into certain situations will be invaluable to the team.
Q: Where would you rank this event compared to others in terms of the nerves or pressure a player feels?
A: Well playing for a team always adds some pressure. The players strive all year to make the team and then they want to play their absolute best in the Matches. So, the pressure somewhat builds over the entire year and I think that is one of the reasons it is so rewarding for the players.
Q: Will there be any ping-pong matches amongst the team during the nights of the event?
A: I’m not sure about that but our team gets along great. I know our guys enjoy spending time with each other and since we don’t always have that time together because of our jobs and personal lives it will be a fun three days for everyone.
Q: What is your honest prediction for the result of the Matches?
A: Well, the only prediction is that the STPGA will be victorious.
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