Assistant Golf Professional of the Year

Assistant Golf Professional of the Year

This award will be given to the A-8 member who has an outstanding record of service to his or her facility and the Section. He or she should be considered on his or her overall performance as a golf professional. Apprentices are not eligible for this award.

Award Winners:

1992 Danny Jones

2002 Matt Carlson

2012 Matt Klein

1993 Tim Thelen

2003 Rene Rangel

2013 Billy Holtz

1994 Richard Cromwell

2004 Emil Hale

2014 Zack Vinson

1995 Danny Jones

2005 Matt Trevino


1996 Neil Wilkins

2006 James Peyton Hubbard


1997 Louisa Bergsma

2007 Aaron Chilek


1998 Pam Strait

2008 Corey Lundberg


1999 Chris Winn

2009 Heath Martin


2000 J.T. Crawford

2010 Matt Klein


2001 Mark Caldwell

2011 Bill Slade