Q: What are the age restrictions for the STPGA Senior Series?
A: All STPGA Senior Series participants must be at least 50 years of age by September 12, 2016.

Q: Are Amateur players eligible to compete?
A: Yes, Amateurs are eligible to participate. Amateur tournament winnings will be paid in the form of golf shop credit at the respective golf course where the tournament is played.

Q: What are the costs associated with playing in the STPGA Senior Series?
A: There is an initial membership fee of $125; and each individual tournament has a cost of $165. PGA Members are given a complimentary membership.

Q: How can I earn my opportunity to play in the STPGA Senior Series Championship?
A: The STPGA Senior Series Championship is an invitation only event for STPGA Senior Series members who participate in at least three (3) events of the course of the entire season.

Q: What are the different available divisions to play in?
A: The STPGA Senior Series offers three (3) divisions of play. Senior Division (50-57), Super Senior Division (58-65), Veteran Division (66 and older). Additionally the Veteran Division will play from its own set of tees approx. 94% of the Senior & Super Senior Tee yardage.

Q: Can I play in a division outside of my age range?
A: Yes, all participants may always play in a division younger if they wish.

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